Madi’s Munchies is proud to partner with Little Herds and Aspire Food Group to offer chocolate chip cookies made with cricket flour (also known as cricket protein powder).  When I replace 10% of my traditional flour with cricket flour, the result is a cookie with more protein that tastes the same as my regular cookies.  While this may seem really crazy, it is actually something that makes a lot of sense.  Many cultures eat insects which are rich in protein and other nutrients.  While much of the focus of entomophagy today is on harvesting insects to use in food for third world countries, it can have a positive impact in our lives as well.  As I launch this line of munchies, I will donate $3 from every dozen sold to Sustainable Boost which is a cricket farm in Hawaii that was damaged by a tropical storm.  More information is available on both the Little Herds and Aspire Food Group websites.